Hear from Susan’s Success Stories

Over the years, Susan has coached over 150 different companies and 17 different trades to great success. Her work has earned her recognition from experts in her field and trusted institutions like Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, the Denver Business Journal, and INC Magazine. Susan’s techniques, including her personal Pufferfish Effect, can help your business grow and thrive like never before.

But don’t just take her word for it – see what professionals like you have to say about their experiences with Susan! Her personalized coaching and speaking have helped them make a real impact in their communities and grow their positive influence.

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  • Susan speaks from the heart and shares the mistakes she has made on her path to success.
    Susan Frew is a valued partner of Thryv and is a trusted resource for small businesses everywhere. Our SMB clients appreciate how Susan speaks from the heart and shares the mistakes she has made on her path to success. It was no surprise for us to learn that her breakout session at our Connect21 virtual conference was among the most popular and highest rated of any we conducted.

    - Kristen Corscadden

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  • Susan is the real deal!

    Susan is the real deal. For our audience of contractors, she shares relatable stories and delivers ideas the audience can implement right away to improve and grow their businesses. Her presentations are energetic, well-designed, and authentic. Susan truly wants to help other contractors avoid mistakes and be their best.

    - Merry Beth

  • I loved it!!
    "Your keynote was one of the best I have heard in some time. I loved it" Carrie Morgridge, Chief Disrupter, Morgridge Family Foundation

    - Carrie Morgridge

  • Outstanding Keynote
    Thanks so much for an outstanding keynote at our dealer meeting. It really set the tone for the rest of the event and was very well received and reviewed by the attendees. Great job!!

    - DW

    Valley View, OH
  • "Made me look like a Rockstar!"
    "As Program Chair for a high-level business networking organization, the buck stops with me regarding the quality of speakers we book. Susan Frew’s “Rockstar Your Business” presentation made me look like a rockstar! She was energetic, funny, skilled, and offered solid takeaways for our members, which by the way, are not in the trades. I received very positive feedback about her talk and was thrilled with her work. Thank you Susan!” Jayne Sanders, Program Chair, Denver Advisory Board

    - Jayne Saunders

    Denver, CO
  • Captivating, Intelligent and Well Articulated
    Susan Frew is a captivating, intelligent, well-articulated speaker. She keeps her audience engaged with vivid stories and a touch of humor! She covers relevant issues and topics that affect our lives on a day-to-day basis.

    - Meghann Conter

    Denver, CO
  • Ability to Transform topics to benefit her Audience
    Susan Frew is an outstanding speaker whom I have had the pleasure of hearing on a number of occasions and I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation. The beauty of Ms. Frew’s speaking qualifications is her ability to transform her topics to directly benefit the assembled audiences. Whether it be what women want from a service professional, managing millennial employees, using the latest information technology in the field, unconventional ways to improve customer interactions, secrets for success in a male-dominated industry, making small businesses look big, and even dressing for success on a thrift-store budget, Susan delivers engaging multi-media presentations that command attention while offering practical tips for participants’ individual improvement and growth. I am especially impressed with her ability to share personal stories and real-world examples that bring the content to life. Attendees often wish her speeches could have been longer and unquestionably leave satisfied with what they have learned. Susan Frew provides exactly what she advertises: relevant topics catered to any specific group delivered with great enthusiasm and grounded in practical experiences. I highly recommend Susan Frew as a general, keynote and motivational speaker.

    - Tom Green

    Brighton, CO
  • Great, Meaningful Stories
    I have been present at several speaking engagements given by Susan. She has a unique ability to connect intimately to her audience. She is able to do this by her energy level, direct eye contact and ability to weave meaningful stories into her topic. She always has a great grasp of her topic to emphasize the salient points and provide a simple way to understand the points she is trying to make. She has an awesome stage presence and holds the attention of the audience throughout her talk. Humor is also used by Susan to keep the topics light and the audience engaged.

    - Phil Barton

    Westminster, CO
  • Outstanding Stage Presence
    I have had the privilege of seeing Susan Frew present at a TedX event. She has an outstanding stage presence whereby she manages to easily command the audience's attention and interest. While she is poised and eloquent, Susan simultaneously effectively cultivates an atmosphere of relatability, empathy, and humor; she thereby successfully establishes an even greater connection with the people whom she is speaking to. Susan is a tremendous public speaker and all-around communicator--whether she is part of a lineup, presenting the keynote or is the sole presenter, she is without a doubt an asset to any event.

    - Ty Ono

    Greyson Media, CO
  • Outstanding Crowd Pleaser!
    Susan is simply amazing. Her high-energy, dynamic presentation style, along with tailored - and sometimes humorous - messages, connect with and engage audiences. Susan is also generous and supportive and truly wants to help people succeed. With her corporate marketing, association leadership and small business background she brings a level of knowledge and skills that can be used across multiple industries and organizations. I highly recommend Susan for any company looking for an authentic, experienced, impactful presenter.

    - Kim Gill, CAE Civica Management

    Aurora, CO
  • One of Our Favorite Speakers
    “Susan is one of our favorite speakers. She is informative, fun and high energy. She customizes the presentation to her audience and loves to share the stories and lessons she has learned building a successful plumbing, heating and cooling business with her husband.” Cindy

    - Cindy Sheridan, COO PHCC Educational Foundation

    Washington, DC
  • Susan Frew is an engaging speaker, and well versed in topics to inform and inspire.
    Susan Frew is an engaging speaker, and well versed in topics to inform and inspire. Susan has keynoted at my women's conferences and is a favorite presenter, emcee and panel expert.

    - Betsy Wiersma, Founder Camp Experience Worldwide Women's Network

  • Put simply, Susan is a powerhouse mix of talents.
    Put simply, Susan is a powerhouse mix of talents. Having worked with her regularly for several years, I can describe her as smart, inventive, earnest, humble, and always seeking to improve the world around her. Her presentations are informative and well delivered, but beyond that, they have the credibility that comes with pulling in real-world examples from her own family business to prove her points! She’s also sincere about her desire to help others improve, and it shows in what she presents and the advice she shares.

    - John Zink, VP of Education and Programs at the PHCC

    VP of Education and Programs at the PHCC—National Association Educational Foundation
  • Susan brings real-world business issues to the conversation.
    Susan brings real-world business issues to the conversation. She and her husband know what it is like to run a business while trying to keep a balance with all the other things that tug at their lives. By using humor, personal examples, and a multitude of research, she brings practical, put into place immediately solutions for the listener.

    - Alicia Dover, CAE Executive Director at the PHCC Texas