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Susan Frew Can Set the Right Tone for Your Next Event

If you’re on a search for an inspiring and experienced thought leader in the home service industry, look no further than Susan Frew. A successful businesswoman with over 20 years of experience, Susan offers valuable insights and personal, engaging stories that are memorable, motivational as well as informational. Susan was a certified and trained business coach, driving more than 17 different trades to great triumph including her own company, Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air, the PHC News "Contractor of the Year".

If you are tired of Leadership Speakers that have never lead, or Motivational Speakers that have never had a team of employees, look no further than Susan Frew.

As your keynote speaker, Susan can deliver a dynamic speech that is focused on the theme of your event. She is well-versed in a vast array of subject matters regarding the home service industry from increasing company revenues to keeping the millennial workforce happy, empowering women in the trade, and more.

Saving Sunshine

Be inspired as you hear about the Journey that Susan Frew and her team endured as the result of a bad hire. Follow the journey of how they almost lost their multi million dollar company and the road back! Be inspired to put process and procedures in place that you protect your company from internal and external cyber attacks. This interactive presentation is a massive crowd- pleaser with concrete step by step instructions on how to turn your business around regardless of the obstacles in the way.

What Women Want... In Their Service Contractor

Most service contractors know that the majority of the decision makers in the home today are women. Although most contractors know this fact, what is being done to appeal to this demographic Understand HOW women chose their contractor, WHY they will call you again and how to appeal to the fastest growing population in the US, the women homeowner. Sunshine has been able to effectively target and capture this market in Colorado by a laser focused approach to their target demographic: women. This seminar will give you action steps to appeal to and capture your #1 customer base.

Compete on Awesome Not on Price

By delighting its customers, Sunshine Plumbing, Heating & Air grew 535% in just one year.. The company accomplished this growth using a strategic, laser-focused marketing plan and "12 Points of Love" with its customers. Come and learn Sunshine's "secret sauce" ... and how you can apply it in your business today. This keynote will give you step by step instructions on how to capture reviews, delight your customers and go above on beyond creating the PUFFERFISH EFFECT (and higher tickets!) and start Competing on Awesome and not on price.

Susan will give you the "how to" step by step on how to achieve this in any company.

Thinking About Selling Your Company? How to Get The Most Amount of $$


The ultimate test of your business’ success can be found in a simple question: Would someone want to buy your company? And if so, why? The foundation of a company fit for sale may not match what you have built to date. Likewise, the way that you are running your company may not have enough space between you and its daily operations to prep it for sale. So, is it really time to sell your company... or would you be
better served by building value for a future sale date at a higher price? Or a higher likelihood of success?

Entrepreneurial Aftershock

What happens to Business Owners when they go through trauma in their companies.

More info to come!

Why choose Susan Frew as your keynote speaker?

  • Susan inspires your audience with REAL stories from a honest, been there, done that approach
  • Real life stories FROM an Entreprenuer, not a talking head.
  • Audiences leave inspired with a concrete, step-by-step "to do" list to bring back home and implement immediately.
  • Examples of motivating, courageous leadership and growth through challenging times.
  • Susan takes the time to fully understand the flow of your event and your audience (she IS your audience!)
  • Susan is diligent and can ensure a relevant, fast paced and interesting talk.
  • P.S.......She is really funny:-)

If you are preparing for your next company event and in need of a keynote speaker, we encourage you to contact Susan Frew Speaks at (720) 613-6841.

  • ACCA
  • FAbtech
  • PHCC
  • Scorpion
  • Service World
  • Thryv
  • Verizon
  • Women Future
  • Leader Publishing Worldwide
  • Profit First Certified
  • National Speakers Association Member
  • BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Trust
  • Colorado Companies to Watch
  • Small Business Awards 2016-2017
  • Top 100 Woman-Owned Businesses
  • 2019 Inc. 5000
  • 2019 Inc. Best Work-Places
  • Certified Virtual Presenter
  • John Elway Dealerships
  • 2J Supply HVAC Distributors
  • RSC WholeServer
  • Shearer Supply

Why Work with Susan Frew?

  • Influential Industry Leader

    Before fulfilling presidential duties at Sunshine Home Services in Colorado, Susan Frew served as the former General Manager for International AT&T Wireless. She serves as Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors (PHCC) President of Colorado, PHCC Zone Director, PHCC Government Relations Committee, and on a number of other industry organizations.

  • Award-Winning Professional

    Local publications have also recognized and featured her for bringing business to the community. Susan was named a "Thought Leader" by Denver Business Journal due to her patent for "Video Plumber" which will revolutionize the plumbing industry as we know it today.

  • Why Audiences love Susan Frew

    Susan Frew relates to your trades audience as she is one of them! Susan speaks in real, authentic, and honest language as audiences relate better to one of their own in front of the room!

Susan Frew in Action


Hear From Our Clients

  • Susan speaks from the heart and shares the mistakes she has made on her path to success.

    It was no surprise for us to learn that her breakout session at our Connect21 virtual conference was among the most popular and highest rated of any we conducted.

    - Kristen Corscadden
  • Susan is the real deal!

    “Susan truly wants to help other contractors avoid mistakes and be their best.”

    - Merry Beth
  • I loved it!!

    “"Your keynote was one of the best I have heard in some time. I loved it" Carrie Morgridge, Chief Disrupter, Morgridge Family Foundation”

    - Carrie Morgridge
  • Outstanding Keynote

    “Outstanding Keynote”

    - DW
  • "Made me look like a Rockstar!"

    “"As Program Chair for a high-level business networking organization, the buck stops with me regarding the quality of speakers we book. Susan Frew’s “Rockstar Your Business” presentation made me look ...”

    - Jayne Saunders